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Earn profits from over 1M+ pre-registered casino players through our token offering. As a token holder you can own a share of 20% of all profits from our casinos! The more tokens you own, the more revenue you will earn. Tokens are selling out fast! Make sure you grab your share today!

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1M+ Pre-Registered Players

Over 1 million players have already pre-registered and this list is growing daily. As BetShare member who owns Global Casino Ownership Tokens (GCO) you will earn revenue based on how many tokens you own. The more GCO tokens you own, the more revenue you can earn.

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Our Global Casinos

GCO Token

Be the very first to own a casino through blockchain technology.

Pre-Sale Pricing

GCO Tokens are currently offered from 2 MXN Pesos (USD$0.10) at Phase 1 to 20 MXN Pesos (USD$1.00) at Phase 10. Price Increases at each 10 Million Token Interval.

Monthly Revenue

Earn Monthly Revenue from Casino Profits every month when you Purchase GCO Tokens. The More You Own, The More You Earn.

Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology provides us with many benefits when allocating shares to our community. The blockchain allows us to give our holders complete transparency on how many tokens have been delivered and how many holders there are in the community.

GCO Tokens are 12 Peso each and are held in your digital wallet. Each GCO token represents a share of the total 100M GCO tokens that are available. The more you hold, the bigger your share is in the Casino profits.

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Complete Transparency

You will be able to see everything. Each transaction and transfers of tokens is kept on a ledger on the blockchain. You will always have clear transparency on how many tokens have been delivered.


when you buy your GCO tokens they will be deposited in a secure digital wallet that only you have access once assigned. Once these tokens are delivered to you, you are the only one with access to the wallet.

Transaction History

Every token that is sent by Bet Share is tracked and can be seen on the blockchain. You will be able to see each token that is delivered to a holder and how many tokens have been allocated to each wallet.


The ledger that contains all transactional history and token holders cannot be changed by anyone. You will always see a clear record of transactions and holders that can never be altered or modified.

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This account will track your tokens and anyone you decide to invite over to the program.

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This will make you an active member and qualify you to receive a share from the profits of the Casino

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With our commission and compensation plan you can invite others and earn even more when they become Owners too!
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Purchase a minimum of 1,000 GCO Tokens and you will qualify to start earning a revenue share from our 5 Global Casinos!